Comic sampler pack

Steve Stamatiadis

Featuring THREE great stories for you to check out.

Dirty Angels: The Iron Maiden

Kit Ballard & Justice Kreel. Two rival bounty hunters with one common goal. Bring in the baddest of the bad to collect the huge rewards... I mean, clear evil off the streets! That is if they can put their differences aside long enough to not kill each other first!

Dirty Angels: The Anchovy Special

The girls are back in this exclusive short adventure.

Mech Skin: Enceladus #1


For 75 years a war of independence has spanned the solar system. The Jovian Colonies fight for their independence. While the Sol Foundation is determined to keep them under control. A war of the worlds the spans generations and the solar system. The weapon of choice – The Mech Assault Skins Enceladus.

Keir Lockwood was just a guy on his way to somewhere better until the war caught up with him. This is the story of what happened.

All this is yours for free (But you can donate if you want... or buy the other comics. Your call.)

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Comic sampler pack